General Information:

SimIL is an israeli cellular phone company. We offer Israeli sim cards for tourists and students who visit Israel, for the lowest price. We try to make your trip to Israel simple and help you save your money. We offer a sim card with a permanent number so you can use it each time you come. You don’t have to pay for a new sim card each time you plan a trip to Israel, in addition, you can own the number for good and you won’t be charged for it.  

Choose SimIL simply because we offer the lowest rates for the best service. We care for our customers and for what they pay. Tourist shouldn’t be paying more than the local Israeli for their phone line.  

Anyone. Tourist from anywhere in the world who come here to visit, business people who work in Israel, students who come for the year or just for a couple of months and the average Israeli who is looking to save his time and get a better service.

We offer phone service

SimIL offers an unlimited plan with 10 GB of data. Once it reaches the maximum usage, the speed of the internet will slow down.

We ship the sim card for free within the US and Canada. For any expedited shipment you will be charged according to the extra cost.

Yes, you can contact us for for more information.


We block all our sim cards for international roaming so you won’t be charged over what your plans includes.

No, you don’t have to. All outside of the country options of calling are blocked so you don’t have to worry about extra charges.

No, incoming calls are free.

International Calls:

There is no extra fee. It’s included in your unlimited plan.

Unlimited calls to landlines only are available to the following countries: Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece,  Italy, Ireland, Hong-Kong, Hungary, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New-Zealand,  Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa (country), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Vatican.  

We have special as-per-minute plans for countries that are not included in the list above and for mobile phones in the countries that are listed.

Virtual number:

A virtual number is a number with a local area code (US or Canada), directly on your Israeli cellular phone. This enables incoming calls from the US or Canada. You can also forward your calls from your original US or Canadian number to your virtual number and not miss calls.

The cost is 10$ a month. All incoming calls are included in the plan. You won’t be charged by the minute.

Prior to your arrival in Israel, we will email you the details of your virtual number so you will be able to forward your calls from your original number to your virtual number.

Yes, preferably do it before you leave. If you forgot, call your american service provider for assistance.

No, it’s not optional through your virtual number, but sms messages can be sent to your israeli number.

Phone Compatibility:

Your device must have the option of inserting a sim card. In addition, your phone must be unlocked. If your phone supports the two conditions above, your phone is compatible with SimIL sim card.

Note: since we have no way of knowing whether your phone is compatible to be used with SimIL sim card, any cancellation of a sim card order will be charged 10$ for the shipping and handling expenses.

Contact your cellular phone provider and make sure that it’s unlocked for use outside your country.

You get an all-in-one sim card set (full, micro and nano).

Yes,if your phone has an option of inserting a sim card. We have a plan for unlimited calls and text only, especially for Kosher phones. You will have to note that in your order.

Technical support:

Select “keep my number” in order to keep your current whatsapp history.