About Us

Communication is simple.

About Us

SimIL isn’t offering a new solution for phone services but an existing one that was just not accessible for the average tourist in Israel.

There are many companies today, offering phone services for unreliable prices. As an Israeli telecommunications company, SimIL supplies local services, therefore we are able to provide the best service for the lowest price to our customers.

If you are traveling to Israel for business, for school or just for a tour, we look forward to assisting you!

How It Works

Choose one of our plans, let us know the date of your departure and the length of your trip, we will ship a sim card to your US location for FREE. The sim card will be automatically activated once you land in Israel. You can reuse the same sim card each time you visit, and get to have a permanent number for all your visits without being charged. Our plans include a virtual US or Canada number, now you can be reached easily by your close ones back home and they don’t have think twice before they dial your number.  The plans we offer are without any annual contract or any hidden fees so you don’t have to worry about extra charges on your next billing cycle.

SimIL works with three of the biggest and most reliable phone network providers in Israel to assure you get the best network coverage anywhere you go in the country.

Our website is simple and user-friendly. It allows you to track your past orders, current ones and view your invoices. For any technical help or customer service, you can contact our english customer service. We will be glad to help you!